Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The house is mine, bwah hah hah hah!

Jeff is out of town for a handful of days. Here are some of the mundane things I've been doing while I have the house to myself:
1. Fall asleep on the couch EVERY night as a pre-sleep appetizer
2. Make the bed before I go to bed at night so it is crumple free
2a. Tuck the blankets under the mattress on BOTH sides of the bed (Jeff doesn't like to be confined by tucked in sheets and blankets)
3. Keep the kitchen counter clear of clutter
4. Turn bedroom lights on as I get dressed in the wee hours of the morning (I normally get dressed by flashlight - seriously)
5. Cook food infused with spicy spices
6. Burn candles for soft, atmospheric light
7. Sleep with the bedroom door shut.
Hmm. That may be it. I've been enjoying this feeling of tremendous freedom, but in fact it hasn't translated into many changes in my day-to-day habits. It is merely a delicious sensation of expansiveness. I'm going to propose that that this is a sign of the health of our life together that there isn't much I feel constrained by in our day-to-day life,and there isn't much I want to do that can only be expressed when he is not around.

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