Monday, March 2, 2009

The Closer

The inadequacy of my closings is one of the banes of Jeff's existence. The laundry detergent bottle, the "table syrup", Cholula, peanut butter. He chides me about it nearly constantly. Jeff is afraid that bugs will crawl into the food containers and contaminate it. Or maybe the bugs will steal our laundry detergent. I think he is afraid that he will pick the laundry detergent or the peanut butter by the cap (a no-no in the house in which I was raised) and the entire vessel will crash to the floor. This is something he worries about.

It just makes me laugh.

I'm a bad girlfriend.

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Clownface said...

"The door is locked, but wasn't actually closed all the way," said Jeff as he walked into the house this afternoon. Laughing I told the story of starting the laundry and forgetting to close the washer lid, so the clothes just sat in the gazillion of gallons of water until I got home from my hair cut.

I'm "The Closer."