Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Bickersons

"How are you?"
"We've been the Bickersons lately."
"The Bickersons?"
"Yeah, we can't stop fighting."

WHY haven't the dishes been put away yet?
You SAID you were going to make the bed today? Why isn't it made?
I'm upset about being hiccuppy still and its making me cranky.
Why don't you validate MY solution to the problem of the broken (insert broken thing here)?
I am BUSY chatting with these strangers online. You need to STOP TALKING until I am done.
The kittens love you better. Why don't they hang out with me?
SOMEONE has moved my cheese. WHO moved my cheese?

This is an representative sample of the fights that have started between us - TODAY alone. We have been bickering like crazy.

What are the dumbest things you fight about?

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