Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Gift of the Magi

For Christmas this year I gave Jeff a mini bamboo steamer for cooking shumai and gyoza snacks. He gave me a bamboo steamer for cooking vegetables.

For Christmas this year I gave Jeff two poach pods for cooking poached eggs. He gave me fried egg molds for cooking eggs in the shape of roosters.

A sign perhaps, that we were meant to be together? At least for the next year?

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Jeff Cutler said...

Look how thin and beautiful I look in that photo at the top of this blog. It makes me realize that as time goes by we might lose some of the superficial elements of our lives, but gain even more important core elements.

These include a deepening love with loved ones - ironic. And a sense of being right where we should be in the universe.

That - regardless of how loud I say it in my head, how softly I say it aloud, or how clearly I write it in electrons on page - is how I feel.

I'm in the right place. I'm with the right person. I'm doing the right things. I am 93% happy...and for me that's pretty darn good.