Sunday, May 23, 2010

Different Perspectives

I drew a very bad picture of Jeff while he and I sat in a bar together. I had been teasing about tattooing a flower on his forehead, or maybe drawing one in permanent magic marker. He wouldn't let me (go figure) so I got my doodlebug on by drawing his picture.

He snorted derisively and said, "That's supposed to be me? I don't look like that." I admit I'm not a remotely talented artist. But I TRIED to capture the shape of Jeff's head, his round cheeks, his messy, vaguely spikey hairstyle, and his square glasses. It wasn't a museum quality, really wasn't even a fridge-worthy, portrait. But I felt I deserved a "B" for effort.

"So I'm not a good drawer," I sniffed defensively. "You try to do better." So he did.

I have nothing else to report.

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