Monday, December 8, 2008

16 thing thing - Gretchen's perspective

Thanks to Sarah Gibb Millsaugh and Facebook for sharing this list exercise.

Make a list of 16 random yet poignant things about yourself (non-work related). And share them here.

1. I'm smack dab in the middle of five kids raised (nearly) solo by an extraordinarily strong mom.

2. Aforementioned strong mom now takes in immigrant refugee foster kids and I have had"brothers" from Sudan, China, Afghanistan, and other African, Asian and Central American nations. I think about cultural competency and immigrant rights a lot - from a personal perspective.

3. I worked very hard to earn two graduate degrees - one in social work and one in public health.

4. I'm toying with the idea of getting a PhD. I have a dissertation idea. But am not sure I want to do the coursework.

5. I lived for 2.5 years in an urban commune, which influenced my personal philosophy of recycling and living simply.

6. Very few things make me laugh out loud. A challenge for you comedians out there perhaps?

7. I have no relationship with my biological dad. Or my (former) step-father.

8. Two of my four siblings are either gay or in same sex relationships. I think about gay rights a lot - from a personal perspective.

9. I have very fond memories of playing the character Jacob Marley in my fourth grade performance of "A Christmas Carol." It was taped for and rebroadcast on local cable access television that year.

10. I wish I had received sufficient high school training in the sciences to prepare me to succeed in medical school.

11. I regret not having joined the Peace Corps when given the opportunity.

12. I regret not having attended state college for my undergraduate degree.

13. I'm not Jewish and I find the observation of Yom Kippur to be deeply moving. And I am sometimes embarassed to attend services because I assume I stand out like a sore thumb.

14. I choose not to have children of my own partly because I'm deeply afraid of being a bad parent.

15. The movie "The Color Purple" makes me weep uncontrollably. Really, just the last twenty minutes of the movie "The Color Purple." Or hearing the song playing during the last twenty minutes of the movie "The Color Purple."

16. I miss my grandmother, who died in November 2002.

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