Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yay cleaning lady!

I work between 9-10 hours a day and commute an additional two hours a day. I leave for work at around 6:30 AM and am usually home after dark. This leaves me exhausted during the week and wanting to use my weekends to recharge and play.

Jeff works from home, but isn't invested in having a tidy home.

As a result, the dust piles up, recycling overflows, and dishes get a little crusty. And I get cranky about "having" to do the cleaning on MY weekends.

We've talked about getting a cleaning service to help - at LEAST once a month. And tonight, as I left the bathroom following the ritual evening tooth brushing feeling like I SHOULD take a few minutes to clean the porcelain but not wanting to to take a few minutes to commune with Comet cleanser, I said to Jeff, "Honey, you know what I want?" "Is it time to call the lady about helping with the cleaning?" "Yes, that's EXACTLY what I want," I said with sighing enthusiasm. "I'll call her," Jeff said.

So, maybe by the first of the year we'll have someone who comes in to help us out. I mean, help me out. Yay cleaning lady!

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